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White Paper

Objective and Vision 

God’s abundance should be available to everyone and the objective of creating the SAWWP Token is to make this possible. SAWWP is designed to be an easily accessible crypto currency token that everyone can understand, use and earn.

The Blockchain has changed much about the way business is conducted and despite it not being understood by many it has helped in the creation of wealth worldwide. The idea behind SAWWP is to simplify the ownership of Crypto currencies and bring wealth creation to the masses in as simple a way as possible. 

Without doubt crypto currency is here to stay. It has changed the way we use, move and earn money. We also see the increasing numbers of people that are looking online for ways to make money from home, and SAWWP is going to simplify this process for people of all backgrounds and nationalities.

​The SAWWP token is a freely exchanged utility token for use within the online community offering…

Crypto Currency and Online Advertising.

 Thank you for taking the time to review what we believe to be a revolutionary product and system within the crypto currency space.

 Billions of dollars are spent, traded and earned in both of these sectors every year. The information below explains the simple and powerful way SAWWP is earned and used.


To produce the most simplified income experience that rewards users in real value for their contribution and effort. Designed for mass adoption; SAWWP will lead the way as a value based utility token with a true purpose within the online community, helping thousands of people around the world benefit from the incredible world of crypto currency.​​​​​


​The name SAWWP is an anachronism for Share Abundance Worldwide With Passion.

We believe that SAWWP is the only Token or Coin available that has a built in Guaranteed Minimum Value (GMV) preventing massive losses (as seen in the collapse of Bitcoin from almost $20,000 to $3,000 in a few months in early 2018) while still allowing for gains subject to market fluctuations.

This “stop loss” feature offers greater security to holders and will help increase the real value of the Token over time.

The value of Tokens is determined by several factors…

Bringing it Back to Basics

​There will be NO Initial Coin Offering. SAWWP will be used in conjunction with the Gold Mailer Club website and as such will be the currency used to make purchases and reward members.

Throughout this document and mention of products, awards and commissions etc. are in accordance with the Gold Mailer Club plan.

In our opinion, many new tokens on the market are not much more than a fund raising tool. 

​We are not that.

​There have been several approaches made by organisations and people wanting to take on the promotion of SAWWP as an ICO, stating that they are sure it would raise millions of dollars, but we want those millions for the members!​

It will be free to start being awarded SAWWP as it was free to mine Bitcoin with your computer a few years ago. 

People who were interested, joined the community, and built it. 

Early adopters have since been highly rewarded as Bitcoin increased in value

​​​We will grow SAWWP based on this principle.

​We are not asking people to financially back SAWWP based on an idea.

Instead we are looking for people that are interested in joining the community, allowing people to earn, use and participate all for free.

​SAWWP is a value based utility token for the purpose of purchasing advertising and the use of a quality mailing service and it offers a simple reward system.​​

In the future we also envisage having a marketplace where SAWWP Tokens may be used to purchase tangible products at advantageous prices.

It will be built from the ground up, with circulating supply starting at zero.

​Motivated users can obtain the token via our awards for completing simple tasks such as logging into their account, reading a message or viewing advertisements.

As members obtain tokens, they would be free to use, HODL (hold) or sell them on the open DEX exchange ion the Waves Platform. 

​If people wish to buy SAWWP, they would acquire SAWWP on the same DEX exchange purchasing it from sellers, with no restrictions.


​What makes SAWWP unique in the way that tokens are allocated?

​Members are awarded new tokens for their direct time and effort completing tasks available.

It is this time contribution to the membership network that is rewarded.

 Members will be rewarded following the “Proof of Work" and "Proof of Stake" models

 Proof of Work:  

Rewards are awarded to the member (user) based on their personal effort through the usage of their membership area and the viewing of advertising on a daily basis. The more you do, the more you are awarded.

​Proof of Stake:

Members ad viewing potential is based upon the Pool Packages they own.

Pool packages play a vital role for our token eco system as they provide the function of "staking" 

​Pool packages are essentially free to own, as 100% of the purchase price is returned to the purchaser gradually over a calendar month and each Pool package also increases their income potential for the same period.

​Effectively this combines the "Proof of Work" and "Proof of Stake" models and rewards the members for both; work done completing tasks and the SAWWP they have put at "stake" in Pool Packages.

​SAWWP Supply and Calculations

​SAWWP will have a fixed maximum supply of Tokens not yet finalised but currently standing at 35,000,000

Divisible by 8 decimals .00000000 

The smallest domination of SAWWP is to be called,  SAW.

Until we have seen the flow of tokens and the market value of the tokens it is difficult to assess the cap required.

In all probability it will take up to 5 years to establish a cap and at that time any excess Tokens will be burnt.


​Members efforts will deliver all new tokens to the market at a rate set based on the market value, subject to a unique minimum value which can never be reduced. The calculations are designed to allow distributions to members each day, for many years to come.

SAWWP will be awarded based on values set out in the Gold Mailer Club pay and rewards plan.

All awards will be made based on a US Dollar value and then at the end of a day converted to Sawwp Tokens at the Market Value or the Guaranteed Minimum Value (GMV), whichever is the greater.

At the date of launch the Guaranteed Minimum Value (GMV), the minimum value which will always be available to redeem tokens within the website, is set at $0.07.

If there is a prolonged increase in the market value of SAWWP Tokens (as is anticipated), the GMV will be increased - but once set the GMV can never be reduced.

​Members are free to use/hold/exchange their tokens as they choose with no restrictions.

 SAWWP "Pre Issue"

​SAWWP will allow Members to buy tokens at their discretion prior to launch at a special discounted price. Tokens will be made available for exchange from Bitcoins at a rate equivalent to about US$0.05. SAWWP Tokens may also be purchased prior to launch using US$ at $0.05 per Token.

The unique Guaranteed Minimum Value (GMV) of SAWWP is currently set at US$0.07 and can never be reduced forming a safety net for holders of SAWWP Tokens, in effect a stop loss feature.

 Any funds accumulated as a result of the sale of these tokens will be used for operating SAWWP over the coming years and will be SAWWP’s sole source of income.

We anticipate this to be sufficient funding for the following costs, but not limited to.

Company, Leadership, Employees Allocations

​Unlike most Tokens, there will be no special allocations as the SAWWP Tokens are created purely for member benefits.

Algorithm and Exchange

​The simplicity of our idea, requires a simple approach. 

Blockchain technology and decentralised peer to peer verifications have changed the world. 

It is a remarkable advancement in technology and one that we support with enthusiasm.

​SAWWP is built upon the Waves blockchain. It is fast, simple and has one of the easiest client interfaces to use, making crypto currency familiar for everyone.

SAWWP can be acquired and freely traded on an exchange from day one. It can be stored, sent, and received around the globe within seconds, and exchanged into both Fiat and crypto currencies including BTC, ETH, LTC, USD, EURO.

It isn’t our goal to bring forth a new blockchain technology, but simply build upon the blockchain technology already in place.

​We have the development teams and community of specifically Bitcoin and Waves to thank for the opportunity to make SAWWP a reality. Bitcoin bringing forward the revolutionary blockchain technology and the concept that has been adopted by many, and Waves for simplifying the technology to a platform that allows us to build our token, own it, trade it, and share it with others freely in a decentralised environment.

With all of this pre constructed genius in place, SAWWP can now further simplify the awarding and dispersement of tokens, helping even more people gain access to crypto currency globally through the simplistic award system.

Conventional commissions are also available in the plan and these will also be paid in SAWWP Tokens and based solely on the US$ value of the sale made.

​You can read the full pre-launch report here: VIEW FULL REPORT

The Value Proposition

 2019 Timeline


SAWWP Token created.

SAWWP listed on exchange. (with zero liquidity)


Relationship and integration with completed, testing of exchange and award process completed


 SAWWP Public Pre launch.

Members to begin earning rewards for tasks and sales.

SAWWP becomes tradable on DEX exchange, users can, buy, sell, trade, SAWWP, as well as use SAWWP to purchase advertising. 

Continued “real time” testing and optimising to the system.

Anticipated Members - 5,000 


With SAWWP trading free to the market, Members earning, a re-assessment of system and rewards will take place. Any improvements made to further increase user experience. Additional team talent/support introduced if needed. Anticipated members 10,000


Official launch planned: We anticipate a seamless system at this point, a finely tuned and simplified reward experience along with simple use and exchange of SAWWP. The beginning of viral growth.


SAWWP is committed to a long and prosperous life. 

Any adjustments will be made to ensure what is in the best interests of Members and token holders. 

The aim of SAWWP is to raise over $2,000,000 a month for charities and this will be achieved by helping 1,000,000 members increase their personal prosperity. We believe that this number can be reached by the end of 2019!

It is anticipated that a minimum of 20% total funds received will be allocated for charitable works, 70% for members’ benefits and the balance to cover administration costs.

 SAWWP Founders and Team

We anticipate a diverse team of entrepreneurs in their own right, all working together on SAWWP from areas all over the world bringing their expertise to the SAWWP token.

The SAWWP token eco system has been developed over the past months guided by prayer and meditation

​Servant of the Lord, founder: Graham Frame     

 Note from the founder

“We believe in honesty and transparency. SAWWP provides people with a useable crypto currency token to help with their online advertising needs, along with potential awards and commissions from our unique, simplistic concept that needs no special equipment and we are excited to share abundance worldwide with passion



BEFORE TAKING ANY ACTION YOU SHOULD CONSULT YOUR LEGAL, FINANCIAL, TAX, OR OTHER PROFESSIONAL ADVISOR(S). The information in this white paper may not be exhaustive and while we make every effort to ensure that any material in this white paper is accurate and up to date, such material in no way constitutes the provision of professional advice. SAWWP does not guarantee, and accepts no legal liability whatsoever arising from or connected to, the accuracy, reliability, currency, or completeness of any material contained in this white paper. SAWWP is NOT an investment. Any potential token holders should seek appropriate independent professional advice prior to relying on or entering into any commitment or transaction based on material published in this white paper, which material is purely published for reference purposes alone. SAWWP tokens will not be intended to constitute securities in any jurisdiction. This white paper does not constitute a prospectus or offer document of any sort and is not intended to constitute an offer of securities or a solicitation for investment in securities in any jurisdiction. SAWWP does not provide any opinion on any advice to purchase, sell or otherwise transact with SAWWP Tokens and the fact of presentation of this white paper shall not form the basis of, or be relied upon in connection with, any contract or purchase, sell, decision.